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Your taste in art is personal. My art was recently displayed at the Frenchway Café in Winnipeg and was well received. I would love to decorate your walls too.

I offer originals and prints, both framed and unframed in several sizes.
Choose pieces you like and I will bring them to your home.

Commissioned pieces are also available.

About Laurel Anderson-Mccallum

I began painting when I was fifteen, using oils on canvas. It was an intriguing way to expess the world around me.
I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, live here and have British and Scandinavian roots.
The love of art was inherited from my grandmother, Maj-Lis Klemming, who studied with George Swinton and enjoyed successful showings of her work.
I was self-taught but have also studied at the Winnipeg Art Gallery Studio, as well as with teachers Milos Milidrag, Arthur Street, Brenna George and the late Tom Aldrich, and James Culleton, all of the Forum Art Institute. I have attended drawing workshops with Wanda Dombeck at Artists Emporium. I participated in the Artists' Retreat, sponsored by Arts West with Lisa Wood instructing, summer 2019.
I work in water soluble oils, water colour and acrylic, being most interested in time - past and forever, and all the contrasts that are revealed to us. I seek to express truth, feeling, humour and hope through my work.

For several years, I have worked with photographic oils, hand painting black and white photographs. I enjoy painting events from the past and from present day trips I have made through North America and Europe.
I participate regularly in the Brushworks Exhibition, Artarama in Winnipeg, and in various venues throughout Winnipeg.
I will participate in the South Winnipeg Art Group Studio Tour of 2021.
High quality canvas prints and originals are currently for sale and are displayed in shops in Winnipeg. You may contact me directly at lmccal@mymts.net.
About Laurel Anderson-Mccallum


The Frenchway Café

Restaurant and café

to view: https://g.co/kgs/oAUa4u

Carl Brownell

Printmaker, framer, photographer

Carl is the owner of Joe-Lynn Design on Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg. He does excellent work of the printmaking process for my pieces.

Brenna George

Art Teacher

Instructor at Forum Art Institute, Winnipeg

James Culleton

Drawing Teacher, Forum Art


Wanda Dombeck

Drawing Teacher, Artists Emporium



  • Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada